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Your car is likely to need at least one repair every year, and often that means being hit with a surprise expense. In fact, owners of out-of-warranty vehicles spend about $1,000 annually in maintenance and repairs.

By joining our innovative Smart Auto Repair program, you can budget your car repair bills, relieve the burden of the unplanned repair costs, and get FREE oil changes and priority scheduling for the life of your membership.

Here’s how it works: Your automatic monthly payment of $97 is added to your Doctor of Motors repair account. When the time comes for a repair, we deduct the cost of that repair from your account.

If the repair costs more than your account balance, you only pay the difference. If the repair costs less than your account balance, you pay nothing. Either way, your account continues to grow, ready to use at any time.

Benefits of membership

  • Manage your auto repair expenses while taking the bite out of surprise repair bills
  • Never pay for oil changes again! They’re FREE
  • Enjoy priority scheduling. We work on your car first to minimize waiting time
  • Valid for any services we perform, at any time
  • Pay with any major credit or debit card
  • Use for your own car, or as a gift for others
  • 110% Guarantee. Cancel your membership at any time and we’ll pay you 110% of the unused funds in your account
  • It’s a savings plan, a discount plan, and VIP service plan rolled into one – that’s why we call it our Smart Auto Repair Program!

Questions? Please call (530) 879-0700

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